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Everywhere Taksim

Sowing the Seeds for a New Turkey at Gezi

Isabel David Kumru Toktamis Ahmet Bekmen Ahu Karasulu Ana Devic Bahar Baser Baris Özden Beken Saatçioglu Clara Alonso Daghan Irak

296 pages
Amsterdam University Press
In May 2013, a small group of protesters made camp in Istanbul's Taksim Square, protesting the privatisation of what had long been a vibrant public space. When the police responded to the demonstration with brutality, the protests exploded in size and force, quickly becoming a massive statement of opposition to the Turkish regime. This book assembles a collection of field research, data, theoretical analyses, and cross-country comparisons to show the significance of the protests both within Turkey and throughout the world.
Author Bio
Isabel David is Assistant Professor at the School of Social and Political Sciences, Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon). Her research focuses on Turkish politics, Turkey-EU relations and collective action. She is currently editing a publication on Post-Islamism in Turkey. Kumru F. Toktamis, PhD, is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Her research focuses on State Formation, Nationalism, Ethnicity and Collective Action. In 2014, she published a book chapter on Tribes and Democratization/De-Democratization in Libya.