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Futurist Cinema

Studies on Italian Avant-garde Film

Rossella Catanese Giovanni Lista Paolo Bertetto Valentina Valente Sabine Schrader Wanda Strauven Elisa Uffreduzzi Antonio Saccoccio Giancarlo Carpi Denis Lotti

248 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Futurism and early cinema shared a fascination with dynamic movement and speed, presenting both as harbingers of an emerging new way of life and new aesthetic criteria. And the Futurists quickly latched on to cinema as a device with great potential to manipulate our perceptions in order to create a new world. In the edited collection Futurist Cinema, Rossella Catanese explores that conjunction, bringing in avant-garde artists and their manifestos to show how painters and other artists turned to cinema as a model for overcoming the inherently static nature of painting in order to rethink it for a new era.
Author Bio
Rossella Catanese is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Udine and at NYU Florence.