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Re-forming Texts, Music, and Church Art in the Early Modern North

Tuomas Lehtonen Linda Kaljundi Marco Mostert Kati Kallio Jorma Hannikainen Mara Grudule Hanna Pirinen Merike Kurisoo Stefan Donecker Irma-Riitta Jarvinen

482 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Our historical understanding of the Reformation in northern Europe has tended to privilege the idea of disruption and innovation over continuity - yet even the most powerful reformation movements drew on and exchanged ideas with earlier cultural and religious practices. This volume attempts to right the balance, bringing together a roster of experts to trace the continuities between the medieval and early modern period in the Nordic realm, while enabling us to see the Reformation and its changes in a new light.
Author Bio
Tuomas M.S. Lehtonen is Secretary General of the Finnish Literature Society and Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. He has published widely on medieval history and literature, as well as on the relationship between oral and literary culture in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Linda Kaljundi is a researcher with the Finnish Literature Society. She has published mainly on the Nordic crusades, medieval historiography and images of otherness, and also on the Estonian cultural memory.