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Financing High Medical Risks

Discussions, Developments, Problems and Solutions on the Coverage of the Risk of Long-term Care in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands since 1945 in European Perspective

Companje Svein O. Daatland Ralf Götze Heinz Rothgang

260 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Across the European Union, common problems and challenges have arisen related to the accessibility, quality, and financial sustainability of long-term healthcare services, which represent a new social and medical risk. This book compares national policies in Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands and how these countries approach issues such as old-age insurance, home-help programs,and mental healthcare. The contributors look at different paths of policy development, identify problems faced by public and private parties, and ultimately discuss possible solutions.
Author Bio
Karel-Peter Companje manages the Center for the History of Health Insurers at the Medical Center of the VU University Amsterdam.