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Digital Passages: Migrant Youth 2.0

Diaspora, Gender and Youth Cultural Intersections

Koen Leurs

324 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Increasingly, young people live online, with the vast majority of their social and cultural interactions conducted through means other than face-to-face conversation. How does this transition impact the ways in which young migrants understand, negotiate, and perform identity? That's the question taken up by Digital Passages: Migrant Youth 2.0, a ground-breaking analysis of the ways that youth culture online interacts with issues of diaspora, gender, and belonging. Drawing on surveys, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, Koen Leurs builds an interdisciplinary portrait of online youth culture and the spaces it opens up for migrant youth to negotiate power relations and to promote intercultural understanding.
Author Bio
Koen Leurs, Graduate Gender Programme, Department of Media and Culture, Utrecht University / Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies. Koen Leurs is assistant professor in Gender & Postcolonial Studies, Department of Media and Culture, Utrecht University. Recently he co-edited the Handbook of Media and Migration (Sage, ’20) and currently he is finalizing a hybrid monograph/textbook titled Digital Migration (forthcoming with Sage, ’22).