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Mobile Screens

The Visual Regime of Navigation

Nanna Verhoeff

212 pages
Amsterdam University Press
As far as interaction with screens is concerned, the given technology of particular interactive devices entails an ambiguous status of screens: what is shown on the screen has to do with how one interacts with it, that is, we can almost literally see what we are doing. This study is devoted to a theoretical exploration of intersections between mobility and visuality from a historical-comparative perspective, addressing the mobility of visual experience and the screen-based access to such experiences in a range of case studies.
The author develops the concept through five chapters and analyzes a variety of contemporary screen technologies and the cultural practices involving these screen-based configurations – the ways in which we engage with screens as interfaces with spatial, temporal, and haptic experiences.
Author Bio
Nanna Verhoeff is associate professor of comparative media studies at Utrecht University. She is the author of The West in Early Cinema: After the Beginning, also with Amsterdam University Press.