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Military Power and the Dutch Republic

War, Trade and the Balance of Power in Europe, 1648-1813

552 pages
Amsterdam University Press
"In 1667, the year of the Raid on the Medway, the Dutch Republic was at the pinnacle of its might and fame. A century and a half later little of this glory remained and Napoleon wiped the country off the political map. This book provides a military explanation for the 'miracle' of the seventeenth century and the demise that ensued. How were the army and navy in the Dutch Republic organised and financed? What tactics were employed and how did military leaders operate? Where did the Republic's troops come from and how was society involved? How did the tens of thousands of anonymous sailors and soldiers live, and how were they regarded by civilians? 'Not only is it praiseworthy for the outstanding contributions, the well-chosen illustrations, the clear maps and the design as a whole, but most particularly for the innovative perspectives.' Published in co-operation with the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH) First published as Krijgsmacht en handelsgeest. Om het machtsevenwicht in Europa (1648-1813), Boom Uitgevers, 2019 Translated by Lee Preedy and Paul Arblaster."