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Egypt beyond representation

Materials and materiality of Aegyptiaca Romana

442 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Egypt beyond Representation develops and applies a new approach to study Aegyptiaca Romana from a bottom-up, Roman perspective. Current approaches to these objects are often still plagued by top-down projections of modern definitions and understandings of Egypt and Egyptian material culture onto the Roman world. This book instead argues that these artefacts should be studied in their own right, without reducing them from the onset to fixed (Egyptian) meanings. Starting from a novel focus on the materials and materiality of a selection of stone Aegyptiaca from Rome, and by combining archaeological and archaeometric perspectives, this study shows that, while Egyptianness may have been among Roman associations, these objects were able to do much more than merely representing notions of Egypt.
Author Bio
Sander Müskens holds a master in Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology from Leiden University (cum laude). In 2010, he started his PhD research within the NWO-funded VIDI project “Cultural Innovation in a Globalising Society: Egypt in the Roman World”. As of September 2016, he has been appointed as postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Leiden University.