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Grey Wisdom?

Philosophical Reflections on Conformity and Opposition between Generations

Roel van Goor Ernst Mulder

140 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Should ‘new’ generations act in conformity with, or in opposition to ‘older’ generations? This can be regarded as a central question in the philosophical study of education. This question has practical implications. Should it be our main concern to initiate children into our traditions, or should we foster what is new and unique in every child? But it also has a meta-theoretical side to it. Obviously, scholars stand on the shoulders of their predecessors. But should they aim at carrying on an academic school of thought, or should they try to initiate a new one?

This book, which includes contributions by authors from several countries, covers a range of topics that extends across different aspects of the central question. Because most contributions are accompanied by a critical response from a scholar belonging to a ‘different academic generation’, the problem of the relation between generations is also reflected in the design of the book.
Author Bio
Roel van Goor is a teacher and researcher at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. After completing a degree in physical education, he studied both education and philosophy of the social sciences, and finished a master in philosophy of education at the University of Amsterdam. Ernst Mulder is a historial of education at the University of Amsterdam. He has a special interest in the history of social and behavioral sciences.