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In Pursuit of Land Tenure Security

Henri Dekker

270 pages
Amsterdam University Press
In Pursuit of Land Tenure Security is a unique book that takes the reader on an international tour of perceptions of land tenure security. It contains an anthology of essays based on contacts with people during assignments in various parts of the world over a period of several years. The essays describe the human pursuit for a higher level of land tenure security. Because land tenure security is a perception, the use of stories of human experience introduces the reader to an array of issues associated with land tenure, among them controversial approaches to providing land tenure security. In this way the pursuit of land tenure security becomes a captivating story for anyone interested in land related policies, land related studies, and all those who have discovered the importance of protection of the rights to real property by people, all over the world.
Author Bio
Dr. Henri Dekker is an independent consultant in land tenure and real property data management. His education in geodesy, economics and law was followed by a career as civil servant in the Netherlands. In 1982 he started his own consultancy firm and undertook numerous consultancy assignments in different parts of the world where he encountered many aspects of the human pursuit of land tenure security. He is also the author of Property Regimes in Transition (2003, originally published in 2001 as: A new Property Regime in Kyrgyzstan) and The Invisible Line (2003) published by Ashgate; London UK.