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Public Artopia: Art in Public Space in Question

Martin Zebracki

190 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book provides further insight into the interrelationships between artwork, public space and beholder. Public art has been a burgeoning phenomenon across cities in the Western world since the late 1940s. Various axioms have been produced about what public art ‘does’ to people in certain places and times. These axioms mainly originate from those who produce public artworks and those who are involved in public art’s enabling institutional and cultural policy contexts. Until now, public art has hardly been problematised from a geographical perspective. On top of that, little is known about the relationships between art and public space through particularly the perspectives of public art’s publics. This work explicitly includes both a geographical perspective and publics’ experiences of public art.
Author Bio
Martin Zebracki (1984) is a cultural geographer. His current research interests revolve around space and place, public art, representation, identity, power, gender, sexuality, and embodiment. The empirical work presented in this book has been published in Environment and Planning A, Geoforum, GeoJournal and Social & Cultural Geography.