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Strijd om de kunst / Fight for the Arts

Lucia van Heteren Pascal Gielen Quirijn van den Hoogen

156 pages
Amsterdam University Press
What is the importance of theater in society? What involvement is there in the relationship between art and society? Do theater producers, spectators and policy makers care enough about its values, and are there methods at hand to research the function of theater? The attitude towards art in society is not static. In this book, researchers attempt to investigate the relationship between the audience and theatre producers.
Author Bio
Lucia van Heteren is assistant professor of theater at the University of Groningen and co-founder of the second phase of Scenography training at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen. Quirijn Lennert van den Hoogen, PhD., studied Business Administration and Arts and Arts Policy at the University of Groningen. For several years he worked as an official for cultural policy in the Netherlands at provincial and municipal level and for the Association of Dutch Municipalities. Currently, he teaches art sociology and arts policy at the University of Groningen. He was editor-in-chief of the Dutch Handbook for Cultural Policy and a member of STEP (Project on European Theatre Systems).