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Mission Uruzgan

Collaborating in Multiple Coalitions for Afghanistan

Jose de Vetten Robert Beeres Joseph Soeters Jan van der Meulen

340 pages
Amsterdam University Press
An on-site testimony of the Dutch military mission in Urugzan, Afghanistan from 2001 to present day.
  • Presents fresh data and probing analyses to address many crucial issues with regard to mission Uruzgan: from political decision making to rules of engagement.

  • Offers insight regarding the logistics of leadership at many different levels in Afghanistan.

  • From autumn 2001 onwards, the Netherlands armed forces have been involved in military operations in Afghanistan. These deployments found their culmination in a four-year period (2006-2010) when the Netherlands acted as lead-nation in the province of Uruzgan.
    This book provides a wealth of insights into the many problems the Dutch military had to cope with. Focusing on the collaborative aspect, the authors trace the principles and practices of working together with partners in multiple military coalitions, involving the local population and its variety of power brokers, allies in and beyond NATO, and civil and military entrepreneurs.
    Author Bio
    Robert Beeres holds a PhD in administrative sciences from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Currently, he is a Professor of Defence Economics at the Faculty of Military Sciences, Netherlands Defence Academy. His research interests include the economics of arms export controls, defence capabilities, performance management and burden sharing within the EU and NATO. Joseph Soeters is a professor of organization studies at the Netherlands Defence Academy and Tilburg University. Jan van der Meulen is associate professor of civil-military relations at the Netherlands Defence Academy, and professor by special appointment at Leiden University.