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System-Level Modelling and Design Space Exploration for Multiprocessor Embedded System-on-Chip Architectures

Cagkan Erbas

154 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Modern embedded systems come with contradictory design constraints. On one hand, these systems often target mass production and battery-based devices, and therefore should be cheap and power efficient. On the other hand, they still need to show high (sometimes real-time) performance, and often support multiple applications and standards which requires high programmability. This wide spectrum of design requirements leads to complex heterogeneous System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures -- consisting of several types of processors from fully programmable microprocessors to configurable processing cores and customized hardware components, integrated on a single chip. This study targets such multiprocessor embedded systems and strives to develop algorithms, methods, and tools to deal with a number of fundamental problems which are encountered by the system designers during the early design stages.
Author Bio
Cagkan Erbas received his BSc degree in electrical engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara and his MSc degree in computer engineering from the Ege University, Izmir. He completed his PhD thesis in 2006 at the University of Amsterdam, where he is currently a postdoc researcher working on multiprocessor embedded systems.