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What about Asia?

Revisiting Asian Studies

Paul van der Velde Josine Stremmelaar

108 pages
Amsterdam University Press
What about Asia? Revisiting Asian Studies brings together scholars from Asia, Europe and America to test the strength of a field of study which, considering the rise of Asia, should be gaining momentum. But is it? This is one of the many questions that the contributors to this volume ask themselves. In the past decade the use and legitimacy of area studies, and in particular Asian studies, have been passionately debated in conferences and academic journals. What about Asia? gives the current state of the debate on Asian studies by tackling the issue from a multiregional and interdisciplinary perspective.
Author Bio
Paul van der Velde works at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS, Leiden/Amsterdam). He served as Secretary of the International Convention of Asia Scholars for many years. He is Secretary of the ICAS Book Prize and General Editor of the IIAS and ICAS Book Series published by Amsterdam University Press. He is co-editor with Sebastian Bersick and Wim Stokhof of Multiregionalsim and Multilateralism. Asian-European Relations in a Global Context (Amsterdam: AUP 2006). His most recent publication is Life under the Palms: The Sublime World of Jacob Haafner, 1754-1809 (NUS: Singapore) 2020. Josine Stremmelaar is Executive Manager of IIAS and Executive Officer of ICAS.