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Interactive Logic

Selected Papers from the 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop, London

Benedikt Löwe Dov Gabbay Johan van Benthem

362 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Traditionally, logic has dealt with notions of truth
and reasoning. In the past several decades, however,
research focus in logic has shifted to the vast
field of interactive logic – the domain of logic for
both communication and interaction. The main
applications of this move are logical approaches
to games and social software. This collection of
papers from the workshop serves as the initial
volume in the new series Texts in Logics and Games.
Author Bio
Benedikt Löwe is assistant professor at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam and director of its graduate program in logic. Dov Gabbay is the Augustus de De Morgan professor of Logic at King's College London. Johan van Benthem is professor of logic and its applications at the University of Amsterdam and professor of philosophy at Stanford Universit