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The Platform Company

The Art of Resilient Strategy: A Guide for Leaders Inspired by Nature's Competition

152 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The Platform Company will help you tackle your organization's key strategic challenges with out-of-the box concepts based on solid principles from game theory and ecology. Building blocks are introduced in an easy-to-read story of an executive on safari and translated into practical steps and methods. The book addresses the key challenges confronting any organization, such as branding, sales channels, innovation, supply chain, strategy formation, leadership, and purpose.
Author Bio
Jan-Jacob Koomen wrote The Platform Company based on his experiences as start-up entrepreneur at Adnovate, digital strategy consultant at BearingPoint, factory manager, and in connected medical devices at Unilever. He is currently CCO at the wholesale platform MegaGroup. He obtained a MSc from TU Delft and training at JIPM-Tokyo, IMD-Lausanne, and Yale-New Haven.