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Kolonie Waldner 555

Felipe Botaya

240 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
In 1938 the SS assembled a network of secret fortresses in South America to develop the most evolved and incredible scientific projects, managed by Helmut Langert, a German businessman. South America is the new battlefront for the achievement of the final victory of the Third Reich. Fourteen secret fortresses, strategically located in the Southern Cone, shape the SS bastion, led from the most significant one: Kolonie Waldner 555. In 1944 a mysteriously crashed pilot is sent to Doctor Edward Burton's hospital in Manaus, Brazil. A patient's strange ring awakens the curiosity of this North American doctor, who on his own investigates the origin of the mystery. The United States is aware of the Nazi threat against its interests in South America, and gives no respite from their air bases in the Brazilian territory. However, they are not aware of the extent of this threat. The fight has only begun. South America is a new battlefront.
Author Bio
Felipe Botaya (London, 1953) after having worked in several known multinational companies, and in England and the Middle East, has been a professor and lecturer at several business universities and prestigious schools in both Spain and foreign countries for several years now. His interest in little-known historical topics related to World War II led him to investigate the secret project to obtain the Ark of the Covenant. He shaped this investigation in Kronos, la puerta del tiempo, the result of years of research. He is also author of Antártida 1947, and Operación Hagen, works that together with Kronos and Kolonie Waldner 555 make up the Tecnología Nazi tetralogy. Felipe Botaya (Londres, 1953) tras haber prestado servicio en conocidas multinacionales y trabajado en Inglaterra y Oriente Medio,desde hace varios años es profesor y conferenciante en varias universidades y prestigiosas escuelas de negocio tanto en España como en el extranjero. Su inquietud por temas históricos poco conocidos relacionados con la Segunda Guerra Mundial le ha llevado a investigar el proyecto secreto para conseguir el Arca de la Alianza que plasmó en Kronos, la puerta del tiempo, fruto de años de investigación. También es autor de Antártida 1947 y Operación Hagen, obras que junto a Kronos y Kolonie Waldner 555 conforman la tetralogía Tecnología Nazi.