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Breve historia de los cátaros

David Barreras

336 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Discover a world of inquisitors, great kings, Crusader knights, conquests, and revolts. A Brief History of the Cathars narrates the events related to the Cathar heresy and the crusade organized by the papacy to fight it. It combines two views that have not appeared so far in the same work: the French perspective, and the Catalonian-Aragonese point of view. The result of this merge is a work that breaks all topics that have existed so far with regard to the work published on the Cathars: books of excellent French medievalists, too specialized and cumbersome for the general readership; works by Spanish authors of regionalist character that state wrong conclusions too lightly; and works of occult and esoteric character, where historical accuracy is conspicuous in its absence. In short, every lover of medieval or religious history, without being necessarily an expert on the subject, will be delighted with this easy reading, rigorous, and entertaining book on the Cathars.
Author Bio
David Barreras has a degree in engineering and in industrial alimentation, but felt a strong interest in the mysteries of the past since childhood. He published several scientific articles and has his debut with his first historic novel about the Empire of Aragon.Cristina Durán Gómez, was born in Ferrol in 1976, holds a master's degree in history and a bachelor's degree in criminology from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She has participated in the review of the book by José Antonio Peña entitled Martín I El Humano, published by the Real Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet (2010), for which she also wrote the prologue. With David Barreras, she has recently traveled through Europe and Asia collecting bibliographic and photographic equipment for the preparation of her work on Byzantium (Brief History of the Byzantine Empire, Nowtilus, 2010) and the Catalan naval Empire.