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Ooparts. Objetos imposibles

Marc-Pierre Dylan

240 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Paleontological and archaeological mysteries that science is not able to accept”the Ooparts exist. The Ooparts are available to anyone who wants to see them, study them, or analyze them. That is their great advantage and major drawback. Because of this, they have become a major headache that modern science is facing in its different branches. This book thoroughly describes dozens of these impossible artifacts and analyzes their discovery, their meaning, and all the theories that surround them, from those provided officially by science, to those coming from the most heterodox circles. What was the use of the machine of Antikitera? What hides inside the sphere of Ukraine? Who drew the fifteenth-century maps that could only be conceived from the air? This book that is not intended to provide answers, but only to outline the most fabulous questions and open the eyes of its readers to a past that could have been very different from the one we know.
Author Bio
Marc-Pierre Dylan holds a master's degree in history. He is a writer and researcher, his chronicles and literary works have appeared in various journals and periodicals, and he has participated in numerous art projects in the field of the image. The subject of the ooparts allows him to release his passion for the topics that are halfway between mystery and history.