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Breve historia del Holocausto

Ramon Espanyol Vall

352 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Discover how the power of the Nazi ideology paved the way for the rise of Hilter to power. Idolized in his home country, he challenged the world with his imperialist project that had racial and anti-Semitic overtones. Delve into World War II to understand the way in which the German military superiority led to Nazi domination in Europe in 1942. Learn how the Nazis carried out a secret plan known as the Final Solution, which centered on the physical elimination of the Jews. Heart-wrenching and overwhelming, this is the story of how the Nazis employed extermination camps to kill millions of people. After the war, this nefarious secret, the Holocaust, was uncovered. The genocide left the world stunned at the magnitude and cruelty of the plan and forever changed the future of the Jewish people internationally.
Author Bio
Ramon Espanyol nació en 1975 en Barcelona, es profesor de bachillerato de Historia, Economía y Geografía en el Colegio Shalom de la ciudad condal. Historiador y educador social, es especialista en Historia Contemporánea y en los grandes conflictos del siglo XX.