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Breve Historia de los Incas

Patricia Temoche Cortez

304 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Un riguroso ensayo histórico para conocer de cerca la historia de una de las civilizaciones má fascinantes de la América precolombina.
Author Bio
Bachelor in Education with a major in Historical and Social Sciences from Monterrico National Pedagogical Institute, she works as a History teacher in a prestigious educational institute in Lima. Nowadays she is taking the History Master's degree in Andean Studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She is also working on a research about economy and society matters in the Lupaca region (Peruvian high plateau) during the Inca period. Her interest in pre-Columbian and colonial society and economy stems from her wish to learn about her family origins, the Temoche, curacas or indigenous authorities of the northern valleys.