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Management of Menopause Made Easy

Sudhir R Shah Beena N Trivedi Dipal D Solanki

184 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
The aim of this book is to stimulate interest in the word "Menopause" among both the groups of gynecologist-the seniors and the juniors. Awareness for menopause, why it occurs, what is the expectation of a woman approaching menopause, her experiences after the age of 45 years should be made more customized in a correct way to the society. Such women will then start coming to the doctors for their all problems of menopause, which otherwise they think it is useless to discuss them with the doctors.
This book ia a first step to provide the full primary knowledge about menopause, its physiology, symptomatology and its management in the most satisfying way. The book has been written in such a way that it can be read in one sitting.