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Aspiration Cytology of the Lymph Node

Riti Sinha

134 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
An attempt to balance the advances in field of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. All the contributions have been made by experts in their respective fields. Contains chapters on Advances in the Management of Colo-rectal Cancer; Sentinel Lymphadenectomy; Soft Tissue Tumour Diagnosis and Surgical Management; Three-dimensional Ultrasound in Soft Tissue Tumors etc. HIV associated tumors post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders discuss the problem and management of cancer in immunocompromised hosts. Two chapters on surgical oncology discuss the controversies in management of axilla and other minimal invasive surgery; similarly there are three chapters from Endocrinology one on insulinoma and others on Adrenal incidentalomas, and parathyroid tumours. Last but not the least there is one chapter on the neoadjuvant therapy on rectal cancer and early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.