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A Hand Book of Clinical Endodontics

Pramod Bansi Mathur Sanjay Bansi Mathur

224 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
This new 3rd edition includes 19 new illustrated case studies, a new chapter on locking plates and has been thoroughly updated to reflect progress in this fast moving field. This edition is supplemented by a DVD which includes information on removal of broken implants, preparation of antibiotic rods and the removal of broken implant bolts.

Key Points

- Begins with a brief overview of the history and biomechanics of the technique, including a chapter covering the difficulties, complications and special intra-operative situations.

- A new section on the special considerations for the use of locking plates, biological & bridge plating.

- Explains the use of LCP as an internal fixator and the pre-conditions for bridge plating, its indications and biomechanical basis.

- Demonstrates the diverse types of nails and numerous methods of usage, including the introduction of better nail designs and innovations in interlocking techniques after the universal availability of image intensifiers.

- Discusses complications associated with the procedure of nailing, locking and implant removal along with practical solutions.

- A new photo gallery including images of case-studies of 19 patients