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Elite Sports And Vision

Ajay Kumar Bhootra

160 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
This book is a small effort to reveal the importance of vision in sports and sporting performance of the athletes and is intended for all those who are interested in sports and vision. These may include eye care professionals including optometrists and ophthalmologists and sports medicine practitioners, sports coaches, team managers, sports clubs, sports associations, athletes, players and all those parents who want their kids to excel in sports.
It is just an effort to appreciate the immediate need for basic information on the importance of vision in sports as the sports today is no more a recreational activity only. It has become one of the biggest industries where millions of dollars are involved in the form of fees, prizes, advertisements and sponsorships. It is intended that this book will fulfill basic educational requirements, stimulate people's interest in sports vision and provide a reference source. The text encourages to keep themselves up-to-date and help establish the science of sports vision as an accepted discipline.