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Step by Step: Vaginal Delivery

Sadhana Gupta

526 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
- This book fills the lacunae of a comprehensive text on the subject of vaginal delivery.
- To conduct a delivery requires knowledge, experience and dedication. Health professionals, need to be well trained. Besides, continuous retaining updating of knowledge, using of modern drugs, etc. are required. This book fulfils many of these need as a companion to all those devoted to this profession.
- Incorporates scientific information in an easy to follow language.
- 'Safe motherhood' is not mere slogan but the aim and ultimate goal of medical fraternity. This book will contribute towards making pregnancy and delivery safer for the vast majority of women who are at risk.
- Women's health is a challenge and is closely related to social issues such as empowerment, gender equality, education and all financial stability.
- This book teaches that 'health through empowerment' or empowerment through health' is required.
- Covers all aspects of vaginal delivery, right from anatomical and physiological basis, conduct of normal/abnormal labour to current recommendation in obstetric practice in specific situation.