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Modern Management of Keratoconus

242 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
This is the much needed guide for ophthalmologists and patients
who want to treat and understand about keratoconus a non-inflammatory,
degenerative disease that compromises the structural integrity of the collagen
matrix within the corneal stroma. The hallmark characteristic is the development
of a localized, cone-shaped estasia, bulge or hernia that is accompanied by
thinning of the stroma in the area of the cone. This leads to increased irregular
astigmatism which cannot be easily corrected and causes retinal image blur
and poor visual acuity. This book brings a new understanding to treat this
disorder. Previously hard contacts and cornea transplant used to be the only
option to treat keratoconus but now a variety of options are available to both
stabilize the disease and improve the eyesight. This is the most comprehensive
publication on the latest advances in keratoconu treatments. It covers to define
keratoconus and its causes and diagnose with clinical signs, corneal topography
devices, and keratoconus after refractive surgery treatment such as C3-R, Intacs,
Ferrara Rings, CK and penetrating keratoplasty, contact lenses, improving in
corrected vision with vision ICL, Venisyse and PRK. This book provides a
comprehensive list of scientific references from pre-reviewed journals. For
opthalmologists and optometrists, these references are important for augmenting
their fund of knowledge and helpful in understanding the background for
keratoconus treatments.