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Empört Euch! Kunst in Zeiten des Zorns

(English/German Edition)

Museum Kunstpalast Linda Peitz Florian Peters-Messer

128 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc

The Political Power of Art

For several years now, rage and indignation have been definingfeatures of social interactions, both on the political scene and inpublic life more generally. Conspiracy theories around the COVID-19pandemic, authorities that heap violent abuse on people based ontheir skin color, or “fake news” that rile up climate crisis denialismare only some of the alarming developments fueled by populistpoliticians and media figures. Their counterpart is the figure of the“enraged citizen,” indignantly turning his back on established political systems and sliding ever deeper down the rabbit hole ofright-wing populist distortions or irrational conspiracy theories. Democracy, it appears, is in crisis.

Prompted by these contemporary symptoms of democracy'sailments, the exhibition Empört Euch! Kunst in Zeiten des Zorns and the accompanying publication gather a wide range of renownedartistic positions that point up, reflect on, and respond to the rageand indignation that roil our society. In installations, photographs,videos, paintings, and sculptures, Monica Bonvicini, Andrea Bowers, Miriam Cahn, Thomas Hirschhorn, Hiwa K, Klara Lidén,Zanele Muholi, and many others scrutinize recent shifts in thebalance of power. The about 60 works read as a seismographicstudy of political engagement, highlighting and analyzing inequitiesin our society and subjecting them to ironic critique. With essays bythe curators Linda Peitz and Florian Peters-Messer and a forewordby Felix Krämer.