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Last Year’s Nest

Paul Bellaart

156 pages
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Masterly Nude Photography .

Paul Bellaart's (b. Leiden, Netherlands; lives and works in Amsterdam) photographs captivate the eye with their narrative force and are much more than commercial work. Coincidence is a key source of inspiration for Bellaart's fashion and portrait photographs, lending his work a distinctive quality that has caught the attention of renowned media and brands including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Burberry, Hermes, and Universal Music. In his new project, titled Last Year's Nest, Bellaart, a master of black-and-white photography, now strikes a more delicate note, presenting a series of still lifes and nudes. The protagonists might be characters in a Sofia Coppola movie: strong individuals who are not afraid to show their vulnerability and who, in Bellaart's abstract black-and-white shots, roam lush summer landscapes.

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Paul Bellaart (b. Leiden, Netherlands; lives and works in Amsterdam)