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Zlatko Kopljar

220 pages
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Small Gestures, Great Symbolic Power.

Zlatko Kopljar (born 1962 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia) critically examines contemporary history in his performances, video works, and installations. He calls his works "constructions" because they question and reconstruct patterns of memory, both during the performative creation process and in their reception. In the photo series K9 - Compassion, his act of kneeling in front of places such as New York's Wall Street, the EU Commission in Brussels, or the Duma in Moscow is a compelling pose of powerlessness against global power structures. With this clear and potent gesture of humility, Kopljar symbolically calls for reflection.

The catalog Constructions accompanies Kopljar's eponymous exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and reviews nearly 30 years of artistic creation.The texts were written by Sanja Cvetnic, Ory Dessau, and Kate Mayne.

Author Bio
Zlatko Kopljar (born 1962 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; live sand works in Zagreb, Croatia)