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Making Love to Unknown Cities

(English / German Edition)

Katrin Ströbel

80 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc

Archaeological Investigations With Uncertain Outcomes.

In her conceptual drawings and multimedia installations, Katrin Ströbel (born 1975 in Pforzheim; lives and works in Marseille, Stuttgart, and Rabat) questions the social and geopolitical realities of the present with a simultaneously playful and critical eye. Her archaeology of everyday life pursues the political as decidedly as modern representations of the female body or practices of cultural appropriation - but also focuses on more private spaces, design objects, and interiors, such as the wallpaper in the studio of the Italian avant-garde artist Dadamaino. The astute negotiation of colonized bodies, spaces, and objects interspersed with cultural codes is reminiscent of Hanna Höch's early collages. Ströbel lends them her contemporary voice: from the design classic Eames to current gender images to compendia of modern art history, the artist deconstructs Eurocentric culture with a critical-ironic gaze.

The catalog offers an overview of works from 2016 to 2019. With accompanying texts by Julie Crenn, Iris Dressler, Sophie Orlando and Dorit Schäfer.

Author Bio
Katrin Ströbel (born 1975 in Pforzheim; lives and works in Marseille, Stuttgart and Rabat)