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Ein Bild sind viele Bilder / Erwartung

(English / German Edition)

Thomas Nolden

24 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc

Metamorphoses of Painting.

For Thomas Nolden (born 1965; lives and works in Ammerbuch, Germany), the process through which his painting is created determines the work. Over-paintings are the rule rather than the exception for the artist. In his new complex of works, for the first time, Nolden shows the metamorphoses that two of his paintings have undergone. In twelve photographic reproductions each, selected from approximately 500 states, which the artist recorded photographically in the studio for several months, the processes of image formation, form, and constant reinterpretation are revealed. In Nolden's work, painting becomes an action and figuration a struggle around the letting-go of images.

In the twenty-four-page booklet, Nolden unveils his painterly practice. With the photographic reproduction of the past painterly states of his works, he also raises questions about the value of the original. Accompanying texts were written by Wibke von Bonin and Wolfgang Ullrich.

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Thomas Nolden (born 1965; lives and works in Ammerbuch,Germany)