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Between us

Dance, Research, Art

Stefanie Böttcher Honne Dohrmann Florian Jenett

128 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Between Us is an interdisciplinary project that brings together three institutions—Staatstheater Mainz, Kunsthalle Mainz, and the Mainz University of Applied Sciences—and disciplines they represent— dance, visual art, and digital dance research and education—with a focus on questions of the exchange of information and knowledge. Produced by the research project of the same title, this publication provides insight into the genesis of the choreography Effect by the Finnish choreographer Taneli Törmä and documents the rehearsal process. The dance performance and its transformation into graphically visualized data streams using digital recording technology by Motion Bank, a research program at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, subsequently inspired six international visual artists to translate dance into their respective creative disciplines. Which concepts can be fruitfully transferred from one discipline to another? How can choreographic structures and their digitization impact visual art? Which resources, which language are required to make such transfers possible? The publication Between Us documents and extends the manifold translative contributions of everyone involved in the project. In seven interviews, the artists and researchers talk about their collaboration and shed light on the genesis of their creative work and scholarship. With a preface by Stefanie Böttcher, Honne Dohrmann, and Florian Jenett.
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