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Quilin Chen

176 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Although Chen Qiulin (b. Yichang City, 1975; lives and works in Sichuan Province, China) primarily works with moving images, she also creates performances, photographs, and installations. She is especially interested in the reality of “ordinary” people in today’s China. Her work investigates collective memories, social injustices, and rapid development and the changes it brings, but also seeks to capture a touch of nostalgia, irritation, and hope. “Peppermint” is about a very particular recollection. A phone call and a photograph of her old martial arts team transport Chen back to the summer of 1983. The artist probes her personal history to appeal to our elementary human experiences and raise existential questions about how we became who we are. Explorations of her own past, her works are thus also studies on the power of memories to shape our lives and the passing of time. With essays by Chen Qiulin, Christian Ganzenberg, Sunny Sun, and Yan Ge.