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Pictures and Words

Paul Hutchinson

228 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Paul Hutchinson (b. 1987 in Berlin; lives and works in Berlin) makes art that scrutinizes phenomena he observes in the environment of his daily life. His photographs show moments of intimacy, small imperfections of reality, and everyday urban situations. Striking a balance between poetic fragility and a certain rawness of existence, Hutchinson’s pictures examine the meanings we give to our sociocultural and sometimes accidental encounters. Many shots spotlight the individual with his or her vulnerability and flaws as well as distinctive beauty. This book includes samples of the artist's own writing for the first time; lyrical soliloquies that reflect including lyrical soliloquies that reflect on scenes from his youth that struck and still strike him as peculiar, as well as sketches of his perceptions of people’s interactions. In pictures as well as words, Hutchinson expertly uncovers the seeds of moving stories that lie dormant in seemingly fleeting instants.