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Works 19842017

Ragna Róbertsdóttir

296 pages
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Ragna Róbertsdóttir (b. 1945 in Reykjavík, Iceland; lives and works in Reykjavík and Berlin) rose to renown with minimalist wall and floor pieces she makes out of lava pumice, broken glass, seashells, and chips of neon plastic. Glued to a bare wall or laid on the floor, her works create seamless transitions between a harsh nature and urban architecture. The sculptures she makes out of materials such as volcanic rock, and the crystalline salty residue of evaporated seawater and installs in interior and exterior settings pay homage to the rugged and everchanging landscapes of Iceland. Her art combines the uncompromising austerity of American Land Art and the materials of the Italian Arte Povera for a distinctive aesthetic statement that has made Róbertsdóttir a star in her home country. This comprehensive monograph presents numerous installation shots, individual works, and drawings to document Róbertsdóttir’s output since the 1980s. With essays by Markús Thór Andrésson and Gregory Volk.