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RLF Mikael Mikael

Mikael Mikael

192 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
RLF is a revolutionary enterprise that seeks to beat capitalism at its own game. As an intervention into the world of captialism, it sells luxury consumer products: furniture, jewelry, and sneakers. At the same time, RLF is a protest movement: it holds rallies, uses social media channels for political actions, and engages in adbusting. Comouflaged as a work of arta novel, performance, and exhibitionRLF arouses public attention and exploits the media response, from the culture pages of newspapers to a television documentary, as a propaganda tool for the "right life in the wrong one." RLF's managing directors are Friedrich von Borries (b. Berlin, 1974; professor of design theory and curatorial practice at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg) and the artist Mikael Mikael (b. Wiesbaden, 1974; lives and works anonymously). "RLF. Annual Report" looks back on the revolutionary enterprise's first year in business and presents commprehensive documentation of its activitiesfrom the business plan contest to the gamification of the revolution. The book's aesthetic is in keeping with RLF's corporate identity: the world distinguishes between good and evil, so everything is in black and whiteor, needless to say, golden. Bound in a piece of the original RLF wallpaper and enhanced with exclusive gilt edging, the annual report is a handbook on how to sabotage the system from within the system.