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Adriana Czernin

Janda Martin

72 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
The works of Adriana Czernin (b. Sofia, Bulgaria, 1969; lives and works in Vienna and Rettenegg) are complex experimental arrangements that intertwine the perception of forms with a reflection on the questions that occupy modernity. Reduction—the isolation of specific visual parameters at the expense of others—constitutes a central aspect of the artist’s approach. She mirrors, distorts, dismantles, and reintegrates patterns, lets tension and conflict build in the collision between surfaces, contrasts firm outlines (graphite pencil) with uncontrollable deliquescence (watercolors). In the most recent group of works by Czernin, Investigation of the Inside, this recovery of diversity allows for a surprising figurative application to mental states. What may be described as a formal process also expresses physical and, by further metaphorical extension, psychological states of affairs. With essays by Catherina Kahane and Martin Prinzhorn.