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Eva & Adele

Marta Herford

240 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Since 1989, Eva & Adele have been showing up at exhibition openings and art fairs, their heads shaved, their faces made up in garish colors, their bodies clad in eccentric—often pink—dresses complete with stilettos and dainty handbags. Although their outward appearance bears connotations of femininity, Eva & Adele conceal their real identities, championing a gender identity that is freely chosen by the individual rather than defined by society. Since they immediately draw the attention of other visitors, they have made "Wherever we are is Museum" their motto. Their stylized appearance, which permits no inferences regarding the people behind it, illustrates their aspiration to be a living work of art. In "Obsidian"—the title refers to the mysterious dark gemstone—Eva & Adele now use the means of art to offer the first ever glimpse of their intimate life beyond their spectacular performances. The book presents the two artists’ graphical work, which has grown much more personal and individual in recent years, introducing the reader to a life of ardent devotion to art in which the quest for identity is never concluded.