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Mariechen Danz

Thoralf Knowbloch

120 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Mariechen Danz (b. Dublin 1980; lives and works in Berlin) does not like hierarchies. She takes measures against the accepted codes that constrain our actions, our language, and our view of other eras and cultures. In drawings, objects, installations, performances, and music, she reveals unquestioningly accepted boundaries and unearths what colonial habits of thought have obliterated. Her most important instruments in this endeavor are language and the body. Language functions as a means of communication as long as we remain within the universally established frameworks. But who determines them? And what exists beyond these confines? The body, as the point of departure for the coded perspectives and the right and wrong decisions we make, as the site of frictions that may emerge between what has been agreed upon and what is possible. With a conversation between Mariechen Danz, Janneke de Vries, and Laura Schleussner, and a general tentative introduction to the theoretical foundations of Danz’s art.