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Michael Sailstorfer

72 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Everyday objects are integral components of the works of Michael Sailstorfer (b. Velden/Vils 1979; lives and works in Berlin), but so are smells, noise, movement, and time, which blend to form a poetic overall picture.The works Forst and Schwarzwald form the point of departure for this book. They are exemplary representations of the interfaces and overlaps between natural and artificial spaces. An extensive conversation between Sailstorfer, Guido Fassbender, and Isabelle Lindermann explores the role reflections on such issues play in the artist’s work. Illustrated with numerous works by Sailstorfer and other artists whose names come up in the conversation, the book presents an informal stroll through his multifaceted oeuvre. It opens and closes with passages the artist has selected from the Norwegian attorney, publisher, and adventurer Erling Kagge’s accounts of his expeditions, narratives of moments when their author experienced the extremes of nature—thus their relation to works such as the underwater sculptures or Schwarzwald, which Michael Sailstorfer abandons in extreme locations, exposing them to the forces of nature.