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Eberhard Havekost in India

Dirk Syndram

160 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
The pictures of Eberhard Havekost (b. Dresden 1967; lives and works in Berlin) are the results of a persistent analysis of the outward appearance of our world. The city constitutes a central environment of his life and experience, supplying Havekost with motifs and situations that phenotypically reflect the urban lifeworlds of a rising consumer society. He integrates these complex structures into his works by using details, for example, of facades, streets, cars, shop windows, and passerby. Filtered and transformed by the painter's art, these views of everyday life condense into a stocktaking of contemporary manifestations of architecture, mobility, communication, consumption, and leisure. Havekost's pictures may be seen as exemplary formulations, resonance chambers abounding with experiences of the urban way of life. As part of the culture year "Germany and India 20112012: Infinite Opportunities," whose themetatic focus is on "CitySpaces," two Indian museums present solo shows of Eberhard Havekost's work; he is the only German artist to receive this honor.