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Alex Müller

Renate Goldmann

72 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
The artist Alex Müller (b. Düren, 1971; lives and works in Berlin) devotes herself to painting and sculpture and stages rooms as walkin pictures. Her works transpose organic materials such as apples or opium poppy and objects taken from everyday reality into fantastic, paradoxical, and enigmatic arrangements. In addition to autobiographical sources, the cultural memory of a society defined by media plays a central role as the artist devises these constellations. Inspiration drawn from the television shows of her childhood and youth, her admiration for filmmakers such as Peter Greenaway, and her fascination with mythological and astrological knowledge are of crucial importance in this process. Alex Müller’s works accordingly oscillate between identification and secrecy, between the creation of meaning and hermeticism. Includes an essay by Patrizia Dander and a preface by Renate Goldmann.