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Shannon Bool

96 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Everyday life, literature, psychology, and art history are important sources on which the Canadian artist Shannon Bool (b. 1972; lives in Berlin) draws for her production. Her paintings, photograms, collages, carpets, wall paintings, and objects revolve around displacements of context, transfers of meaning, and how different cultures and periods articulate different ideas about one and the same thing. Brancusi comes upon medieval ornaments; French films from the 1960s meet old Tarot cards; art deco meets Barnett Newman and the aesthetic of striptease. Bool interweaves high art with less reputable techniques to create works that revolve around displacements of the meanings of materials, visual traditions, and ideas of femininity, eroticism, or the oriental. The catalogue includes essays by Janneke de Vries and Christina Végh that offer an introduction to essential aspects of Shannon Bool’s artistic procedure; Monika Szewczyk’s contribution, meanwhile, approaches her work from a feminist perspective.