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Berta Fischer

Giti Nourbakhsch

80 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Berta Fischer’s sculptures are of poetic lightness and luminosity; they constitute an organic sum of material and form. Most of her works are cut from transparent acrylic glass or sheer PVC film, bent, and folded; they immediately captivate the beholder. Their radiant luminescent colors—yellow, blue, red, green, orange, or pearl white—fill the room with their magical light; natural light sets their edges ablaze in dazzling colors, creating lines that look like drawings in their own right. In order to render the unparalleled color effect of the sculptures of Berta Fischer (b. Düsseldorf, 1973; lives and works in Berlin) in this book, it was printed in nine colors. The stitch binding also serves as a reference to Fischer’s more recent work. With an essay by Andreas Schlaegel, artist and author, and a collage by Paula Rivers.