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Ji Dachun

80 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
China is undergoing rapid economic and sociocultural transformation. Between the euphoria of unchecked economic advancement, frenzied modernization, and the concomitant fear that the country’s identity will be lost, art charts new and individual paths. Ji Dachun (b. Nantong, China, 1968; lives and works in Beijing) has found a distinctive visual language in his bizarre scenarios. They contain clear references to shan shui, the classical Chinese landscape painting, but also articulate the artist’s engagement with Western modernism and the contemporary painting of Philip Guston, Cy Twombly, Georg Baselitz, and others. By showing traditional subjects while breaking with the conventions of central perspective, his pictures open up space for spiritual contemplation and the inward imagination. With an essay by Uta Grosenick, editor of two surveys of Chinese contemporary art as well as monographs on Miao Xiaochun, Yang Shaobin, and Zeng Fanzhi.