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Encounters with C. G. Jung: The Journal of Sabi Tauber (1951–1961)

Andreas Gerber Irene Gerber

248 pages
Daimon Verlag
This volume presents the journal notes of Sabi Tauber, a young Swiss woman who recorded the experience of her encounters with C. G. Jung. She conscientiously noted Jung's responses to her questions and his comments on her dreams, mostly related to love, the creative principle, and the shadow. In the years 1951–1961, Sabi Tauber often visited Jung in Küsnacht and in his secluded tower in Bollingen. Jung also went to her home in Winterthur a few times, where he spontaneously explained his views in the circle of the Tauber family and their friends. A reader today will immediately be touched by C. G. Jung's living spirit, just as Sabi Tauber was then. While addressing her personal situation, Jung also repeatedly points to the archetype that he recognizes behind each problem. In this way, the scientific precision of Jung's thoughts is imbued with a unique feeling quality.