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Jung, My Mother and I

The Analytical Diaries of Catharine Rush Cabot

Jane Cabot Reid

Daimon Verlag
The psychoanalytic writings of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) are well-known and biographies of every hue have been published. But what was Jung like in his workaday analytic sessions, and how did he interact with his clients, colleagues and friends on a daily basis? Catharine (Katy) Cabot, an American in Europe, was a patient of Jung's and also a part of his Zürich circle from the 1930's through the 1940's and she recorded the details of her sessions with him along with other inner and outer events. Onkel (Uncle), as Jung became to her, and his family and his friends, all were a part of her life in those years.
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Catharine Cabot's daughter, Jane Cabot Reid, who herself grew up in this same environment, skillfully edited the diary notes and added her own comments and memories, along with historic photographs and letters, many of them never before published. Today she is a Jungian analyst, living and working in Zürich, where many of the events recorded in these pages took place