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How Dreams Help

Harry Wilmer

Daimon Verlag
Growing numbers of people are fascinated by the dream world. From psychological scholars and analysts to spontaneous groups and cults, the dream has a compelling voice¦I make the point in this book that our dreams are our most creative inner source of wisdom and hope¦The criterion for selection is simply that each one illustrates a common human life experience that all readers have had or are likely to have.
Author Bio
Harry Wilmer is founder, emeritus director and president of the Institute for the Humanities at Salado in the small central Texas village where he has lived since 1971. He is a senior Jungian analyst in private practice in Salado. Wilmer received his M.D. and other degrees from the University of Minnesota. He has been a National Research Council fellow in the medical sciences at Johns Hopkins, a fellow in internal medicine and neuropsychiatry at the Mayo Clinic, and later a consultant in psychiatry there. His creative work in the Navy was the subject of an award-winning ABC docudrama, starring Lee Marvin and with Arthur Kennedy as Wilmer. Bill Moyers produced two PBS-TV documentaries on Wilmer's work at the Salado institute and he has authored numerous books and articles, and lectured throughout the world. He and his wife Jane raised five children.